Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth : An Introduction

Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth : An Introduction to Spiritual Ecology It s rare that I m this impressed, this enthused about a book If you can only afford to buy one spiritually orientated book this year, make it this one And that s saying something, because I havebooks out this year In part Mystery Teachings has evidently been written in response to the shortcomings of some aspects of New Age thinking Anyone who has ever twitched about New Age stuff, is going to love what Greer has to say Anyone interested in New Age material really should read this book as a counterpoint This is an overview of the kinds of thought forms that Mystery Schools teach It s presented, in keeping with the zeitgeist, in ecological terms The result is a beautiful, rich, inspiring description of how reality works, and how to work with it I had to read it slowly, because there was so much to take in, many sections I read twice There is a generous stream of humour through the book as well, it s full of things that made me laugh out loud, especially the deflation of the ridiculous There are shades of the boy shouting The Emperor s got no clothes on here, which may make it uncomfortable reading for some, but it needs to be read For anyone interested in magic, or personal growth, or the inside of their own head, or how they interface with the rest of reality, this book has a wealth to offer For anyone exploring mediation, there are some stunning meditation approaches suggested here, methods that will enrich life and awareness Having read the book straight through for review purposes, I mean to go back and do it slowly, and actually do the work involved I ve lost count of how many courses I ve read for review down the years, this is the first one that has been at an appropriate level for me and actually inspired me to want to follow it Unusually, this is a book I think offers plenty to the newbie, and also has a lot to say to anyone who has been exploring their path for some time It is, quite simply, a must have I cannot recommend it enough Nimue Brown The Druid network druidlifewordpress GoodreadsThe authentic teachings of the mystery schools offer a profoundly different way of making sense of the universe and our place in it In MYSTERY TEACHINGS FROM THE LIVING EARTH ecologist and Druid initiate, John Michael Greer, offers an introduction to the core teachings of the mysteries through the mirror of the natural worldUsing examples from nature as a touchstone, Greer takes readers on a journey into the seven laws of the mystery traditionsthe Law of Wholenessthe Law of Flowthe Law of Balancethe Law of Limitsthe Law of Cause and Effectthe Law of Planesthe Law of EvolutionGreer explains each law, offering mediation, an affirmation and a theme for reflection, to show how the seven laws can bring meaning and power into our everyday livesMYSTERY TEACHINGS FROM THE LIVING EARTH reveals one of the great secrets of the mysteries that the laws of nature are, also, the laws of spirit

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