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The Best Laid Plans High School Senior Keely Collins Takes On Firsts, Lasts, And Everything In Between In This Sweet, Sex Positive Rom Com For Fans Of Meg Cabot And Jenny HanIt Seemed Like A Good Plan At FirstWhen The Only Other Virgin In Her Group Of Friends Loses It At Keely S Own Eighteenth Birthday Party, She S Inspired To Take Things Into Her Own Hands She Wants To Have That Experience Too Well, Not Exactly Like That But With Someone She Trusts And Actually Likes , So She S Going To Need To Find The Guy, And Fast Problem Is, She S Known All The Boys In Her Small High School Forever, And It S Kinda Hard To Be Into A Guy When You Watched Him Eat Crayons In Kindergarten So She Can T Believe Her Luck When She Meets A Ridiculously Hot New Guy Named Dean Not Only Does He Look Like He S Fallen Out Of A Classic Movie Poster, But He Drives A Motorcycle, Flirts With Ease, And Might Actually Be Into HerBut Dean S Already In College, And Keely Is Convinced He Ll Drop Her If He Finds Out How Inexperienced She Is That S When She Talks Herself Into A New Plan Her Lifelong Best Friend, Andrew, Would Never Hurt Or Betray Her, And He S Clearly Been With Enough Girls That He Can Show Her The Ropes Before She Goes All The Way With Dean Of Course, The Plan Only Works If Andrew And Keely Stay Friends Just Friends So Things Are About To Get ComplicatedCameron Lund S Delightful Debut Is A Hilarious And Heartfelt Story Of First Loves, First Friends, And First Times And How Making Them Your Own Is All That Really Matters A ridiculously cute friends to lovers romance with a Mean Girls vibe and a cool cast of characters I read this one from cover to cover in less than five hours A book I d recommend to any YA lover I m infatuated Releases April 7, 2020.Blurb Keely is the last virgin standing among her friends, so when she meets a college guy, she tries to convince her best friend Andrew to help de virginize her before she goes all the way with James Dean So when the two besties kiss, Keely doesn t anticipate the fallout that follows and her than friends feelings for Andrew.This book was such a blast Lund includes hot guys, evil villain mean girls, a steamy shower scene, and a main female character that is effortlessly cool and hysterical The writing is fresh and fun and Lund did such an amazing job of portraying the teenage life of the twenty first century fun another book to remind me how painfully single i am Who among us hasn t asked our best friend to take our virginity so the cute boy we ve been making out with won t run away when he learns we re a virgin I had the pleasure of reading an early edition of this book and I m so glad that I did This is one of the best rom coms that I ve read in a long time It s funny when it wants to be, cover your eyes cringey in the best possible way at times, and really thoughtful about the way we talk about sex virginity relationships This should be required reading for sex ed classes after they finish showing all the STD slides Moreover, Lund completely nails Keely Collins voice our 18 yr old MC in a way that doesn t sound like a parent parroting kids speak or retrofitting older characters into YA Keely is 18, with 18 yr old problems I love this book than pizza, it should be on everyone s 2020 TBR PS This is a niche pet peeve of mine, but the party scenes are also super accurate, not the Project X style stuff that always seems to spring up YA This has huge potential to be the biggest mess but I shall remain hopeful.

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