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Follow Me From The Author Of Truth Be Toldformerly Titled Are You Sleeping Now An Apple TV Series Of The Same Name Comes A Cautionary Tale Of Oversharing In The Social Media Age For Fans Of Jessica Knoll And Caroline Kepnes S You Everyone Wants New Followers Until They Follow You Home Audrey Miller Has An Enviable New Job At The Smithsonian, A Body By Reformer Pilates, An Apartment Door With A Broken Lock, And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Instagram Followers To Bear Witness To It All Having Just Moved To Washington, DC, Audrey Busies Herself Impressing Her New Boss, Interacting With Her Online Fan Base, And Staving Off A Creepy Upstairs Neighbor With The Help Of The Only Two People She Knows In Town An Ex Boyfriend She Can T Stay Away From And A Sorority Sister With A High Powered Job And A Mysterious Past But Audrey S Faulty Door May Be The Least Of Her Security Concerns Unbeknownst To Her, Her Move Has Brought Her Within Striking Distance Of Someone Who S Obsessively Followed Her Social Media Presence For Years From Her First WordPress Blog To Her Most Recent Instagram Story No Longer Content To Simply Follow Her Carefully Curated Life From A Distance, He Consults The Dark Web For Advice On How To Make Audrey His And His Alone In His Quest To Win Her Heart, Nothing Is Off Limits And Nothing Is Private Kathleen Barber S Electrifying New Thriller Will Have You Scrambling To Cover Your Webcam And Digital Footprints

About the Author: Kathleen Barber

Kathleen Barber s first novel Truth Be Told formerly published as Are You Sleeping is the inspiration for the Apple TV series of the same name, produced by Reese Witherspoon s Hello Sunshine and starring Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul Kathleen was raised in Galesburg, Illinois, and is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Northwestern University School of Law She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and son Follow Me is her second novel.

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    Sometimes the only reason I leave my house is so that when someone asks about my day I don t have to say, NetGalley, Goodreads and avoiding responsibilities.Today is not that day I tore into this like it was my job and I loved every crazy minute of this book Kathleen Barber, I will follow you straight to Crazy Town anytime 5 Stars This is one of the best books I

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    3.5 starsA guy becomes obsessed with a girl He stalks her online and takes extraordinary measures and extra creepy steps to learn everything about her He will do whatever it takes to insert himself in her life and make her his own Sound familiar While Follow Me is quite similar to You, it is not a copy cat There are enough differences that make it interesting to read

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    Four welcome to attention seekers world don t have any problem to bring their stalkers into their own lives because main motto of own the social media obsessed fakers is If it doesn t kill you, it makes you interesting stars You know, one of my favorite musical s theme song the beginning of my addiction to move like Travolta and drink like Jagger was Grease s Four Season Bu

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    My reviews can also be seen at gravitate towards books that have anything to do with social media so there was no doubt I was going to be reading this book What doesn t kill you makes youinteresting Audrey Miller is a popular Instagrammer She loves sharing her life with her many followers Audrey has just moved to Washington, DC to start her dream job as Social Media Manager at th

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    Holy flipping crap This book is creeeeeptastic I can t believe I waited this long to read this book Sure it just came out but had I known what I know now I would ve jumped on this ARC the second I got it Okay, okay, you get it..but I LOVED this book.Part of the reason I loved this book so much was the author s style of writing I love it when you crack open a book and you have never rea

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    This book will have you thinking long and hard about how much of yourself you share on line And if it doesn t Well, I warned you Audrey is a social influencer With over a million followers on Instagram she posts anything and everything about her life on line She s literally made her life an open book, available for all her followers And yes, for her Stalker A job opportunity of a lifetime ta

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    Ever feels as if someone was watching you Ever come home and get the feeling someone has been there even though nothing has been taken Audrey Miller has everything a job at the Smithsonian, a huge social media following and a stalker Audrey shares almost every moment of her life online, she is used to having fans, even creepy ones.until one day, one decides to walk into her life and make her his o

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    Well, this is certainly a timely novel Lately, the news has been filled with clips concerning folks taking control of other peoples webcams, baby monitors and the like, which is scary beyond belief Kathleen Barber had an awakening when she stumbled on the subject on a legal advice website, which led to her writing this novel Unfortunately, this stalker book has been done before And done better I never f

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    Instagram madness.Anyone who has an instagram account will surely get some shivers after reading this book about the dangers of posting too much information TMIAudrey Miller had over a million subscribers that is a lot of eyes The problem is that someone is watching her every move, following all her social media accounts and stories This person knows where she lives, works and her favorite hang out spots Scar

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    3.75 Stars Attention Some people thrive on it and sometimes, it might just get you into trouble Just ask Audrey Miller She s hooked on Instagram and hasthan hundreds of thousands of followers.Her Insta account is how she got a job at the Smithsonian as a Social Media manager One of the problems with Audrey is that she loves her followers and of course, they love her Some, in fact, are obsessed with her Too bad Audr

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